Newleaf is a new Malaysian agricultural company started by a group of professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and plantation management. With a 1,000-acre new durian plantation in Pahang, the land of durians, we specialise not just in the cultivation of durians, but in the exportation, trade and retail of this magnificent fruit as well. Our goal is to elevate the durian industry to a whole new level and create a complete agroecosystem.

Kenny Wan Mun Hoe: Founder and Managing Director
  • A Bachelor of Finance graduate
  • International finance experience for over 15 years
  • Resource integration management skills and leadership skills are his keys to success
  • Aspires to create a complete agroecosystem, and to become the leader of this industry

Kaeden Ho: Operations Director
  • A Bachelor of Psychology graduate
  • 7 years of finance and real estate experience
  • Meticulous and extraordinary execution skills
  • Aspires to perfect every section ranging from farming, manufacturing and processing, to retailing


We aspire to bring Malaysian durians to the global stage by opening up international business opportunities. We aim to revolutionalise the durian agribusiness value chain, using the industry’s leading agricultural practices to develop and manage our durian plantations, and enhancing the efficiency of agricultural production and farming techniques to produce quality durian products.

Newleaf i-Farm

i-Farm — Newleaf’s intelligent farming system.
Unlike the traditional farming system, i-Farm is the most advanced technology for an around-the-clock durian orchard supervision and durian yield optimisation. Meanwhile, the company are able to access the latest data and updates of the durian trees via unique QR codes.

Issues of Durian Orchards

The premature falling of durians due to overheating
Diseased durian tree due to inefficient use of fertiliser

Dry soil due to a poor water irrigation system
Orchard theft issues

An increased death rate of growing trees due to poor orchard management

Intelligent Farming System

A low durian yield is caused by various problems that come with the traditional farming system. With i-Farm – the intelligent farming system, Newleaf is confident that these problems are solved once and for all to maintain the durian yield.

Sensors are installed to detect the temperature and humidity in the air, soil moisture, and pH value to ensure a healthier growth of the durian trees.

Security Cameras:
Cameras are installed all around the orchard to facilitate the data input of orchard vehicles in order to prevent theft, as well as other safety purposes.

QR Code System:
This system records updates regarding the durian trees, including monthly photos, health condition, harvest, fertilisation and irrigation history, as well as other vital information.

Efficient Agriculture Methods

Newleaf utilises highly efficient cultivation techniques and management methods, from seed selection to sapling plantation, and then to nurturing the durian trees. This rigorous process is carried out in order to ensure the growth of the trees, as well as bountiful yields.

Advanced Grafting Technique:
Musang King shoots are grafted onto regular mature durian trees that are cut in half and debarked to ensure that the shoots can grow healthily.

Comprehensive Irrigation System:
Automated irrigation system to ensure every tree is well watered.

Efficient Fertilisation Method:
Manual fertilisation to ensure every tree receives sufficient nutrients.

Fencing and Netting:
Strategically installed fencing and netting to minimise the loss of harvest.

Steadfast Roping:
Shielding ripe durians from impact and breakage.

QR Code System:
Each tree is assigned a unique QR code for monthly reports and data.