Should I join Newleaf's share-farming programme?

All facts and figures indicate that we are in the midst of a booming durian industry. There’s no better time than now.

What booming durian industry? Where is the proof?

Our country exported about USD 35 million worth of durians in 2016, while demand for durians around the world is rapidly growing with plenty of uncharted markets, especially in China.

Will I be buying a full-grown Musang King tree?

No, you will be purchasing a sapling.

Will I have any income while I wait for my tree to mature?

You will. Durian trees will usually need about 5 years before they can bear large amounts of fruit. So for the first 5 years, we will be growing fast crops like bananas on your micro orchard, to offset the lack of harvest from your durian tree.

How much can I earn after 5 years then?

Based on our projections, trees between 6 to 10 years old produce an average of 80-120 fruit yearly, which trees 11 years old or older produce an average of 120-200 fruit yearly. It’s estimated that you will break even by the 7th year.

Does the contract have a duration?

Yes, the duration for the contract is 30+30 years, giving you decades of harvest to look forward to.

Can I buy more than one tree?

Of course you can. The more you purchase, the more discount you can enjoy.

What happens if my tree dies?

We will replant a new one in its place at no additional cost. Earnings are calculated based on the yield of the entire orchard, so replanting will not affect your income.

Will I be protected by law?

Yes, there will be a sales agreement to ensure legal protection for you.

What if the weather is bad?

Rainy seasons will affect the durians’ harvest, but low yield will increase the value of the durians.

What if this Programme delayed?

As stated in the contract, this Programme is aimed to be completed in 2019. If it delays beyond 3 years, tree owners are eligible for a full refund.

What about the other markets?

Newleaf will not be focusing on the Chinese market only, there are plans to expand the market to South Korea, Canada, Japan and the USA.

What if Musang King is not the most-loved durian anymore?

Although Musang King is loved by many now, Newleaf will proceed to plant other durian breeds such as Black Thorn, Red Prawn, D24 etc.

What if disasters strike?

Once the plantation and development are completed, Newleaf will have the entire programme insured in order to secure the benefits of the tree owners and the company, as well as to protect the programme against both foreseeable and unforeseeable liabilities, including natural disasters such as flood, wildfire and lightning. The growth of saplings will also be insured.