Newleaf is a new Malaysian agricultural company started by a group of professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and plantation management. With a 1,000-acre new durian plantation in Pahang, the land of durians, We specialise not just in the cultivation of durians, but in the exportation, trade and retail of this magnificent fruit as well. Our goal is to elevate the durian industry to a whole new level and create a complete agroecosystem.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring Malaysian durians to the global stage by opening up international business opportunities. We aim to revolutionalise the durian agribusiness value chain, using the industry’s leading agricultural practices to develop and manage our durian plantations, and enhancing the efficiency of agricultural production and farming techniques to produce quality durian products.


Kenny Wan Newleaf Plantation

Kenny Wan

Managing Director

Kaeden Ho  Newleaf Plantation

Kaeden Ho

Executive Director

Danny Wong Newleaf Plantation

Danny Wong

General Manager

Jenny Soo Newleaf Plantation

Jenny Soo

Marketing Manager

Mei Chin Newleaf Plantation

Mei Chin

Marketing Manager
(China Region)

Sustainable Farming

At Newleaf, we are fully committed to the overall objective of sustainable forest management and development. We will implement plans for natural and plantation forests through own qualified staffs and eligible contractors. Beyond reaching its objectives, the company will undertake reasonable efforts for continuous improvement of all system and methods in management planning and operational practises, base on constant monitoring and evaluations of its economic, environmental and social impact.

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