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The key elements in
newleaf business

As an integrated plantation and management company, Newleaf is involved in the full spectrum of agribusiness value chain, from upstream plantation to downstream activities of manufacturing, trade and exportation to retail of the king of fruits. Our goal is to bring Malaysia durians to the world and make Newleaf a proud globally recognised Malaysian brand.


Our mission and vision

As a Malaysia leading durian plantation and export company, Newleaf involved in full spectrum of agribusiness value chain, from upstream to downstream activities.

Our mission is to produce quality durians and export Malaysia durians to the world, making newleaf a proud Malaysian brand. As a pioneer in durian plantation, we believe the growth in durian agribusiness is limitless.


Pushing for
Sustainable Farming

Newleaf has taken the lead in ensuring that no land that has been designated as ‘green lungs’ or forest reserves will be used or opened up as new farms. Besides, we are also involved in restoration work to rehabilitate former timber logging land or forest reserves to ensure a responsible and sustainable long term growth for this hugely important industry.

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Musang King durian Plantation and Durian Exporter

Musang King durian Plantation

Malaysia’s national treasure. Part of Newleaf mission is to continue with its upstream business expansion by identifying suitable investment targets, particularly in mature, well-managed and good quality mature plantations. Through our wholly owned unit Newleaf Eco Development Sdn Bhd, recently became a stakeholder with a 25% share in a new plantation farm located in Raub, Pahang. Expanding our plantation in the main Musang King producing region plays an important part in scaling up the company’s production target to achieve continuous growth.