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Newleaf Durian Plantation

A group of professionals with extensive experience in agribusiness and plantation management. We specialise not just in the cultivation of durians, but in the exportation, trade and retail of this magnificent fruit as well. Our goal is to elevate the durian industry to a whole new level and create a complete agroecosystem.

Malaysia Durian Plantation MYGAP
Newleaf Plantation durian farm is MyGAP certified farm.

Newleaf’s Business Divisions

As a globally integrated plantation and management company, Newleaf Plantation Berhad is involved in full spectrum of agribusiness value chain, from upstream to downstream activities to continuous R&D. We supply a package of services designated to provide clients with agricultural solutions to improve productivity and profitability on farming enterprises.

Malaysia Durian Plantation and Farming

Plantation and Farming

Malaysia Durian Manufacturing & Processing

Strategic Partnership in
Manufacturing & Processing

Malaysia Durian International Trade,
Export and Retail

International Trade,
Export and Retail

Leading a new era for durian plantation

Through joint effort on R&D with universities, stronger collaboration with government authorities, Newleaf mission is to produce quality durians and export Malaysia durians to the world. As a pioneer in durian plantation, we believe the growth in durian plantation is limitless.

Malaysia Durian Exporter

International Recognition

Malaysia durian has gained tremendous attention from China. Durian whole fruit export is finally permitted by China in May 2019. CHINA CCTV has recognized Newleaf Plantation Berhad as Overseas Chinese Role Model Corporation in 2019.

Press & Media

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