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Logistics is an important element of a successful supply chain that helps increase the sales and profits of businesses that deal with the production, shipment, warehousing and delivery of products. Moreover, a reliable logistics service can boost a business’ value and help in maintaining a positive public image. In selecting our logistic partner, we choose DHL.

Malaysian Durian Exporter DHL

Malaysian Durian Exporter


We strive to deliver fresher fruit, highest quality durian to the world. Our aim is to make newleaf as a proud Malaysia homegrown brand. By working with the most efficient and reliable logistic company in the world, we are able to deliver fresh durians directly to customers in Singapore.

Durian Export to Hong Kong and Singapore

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Market diversification is one of our main strategies for growth identify. We continuously look at other markets we could tap into to increase reach and revenue. Collaboration with DHL provide us a perfect logistics strategy to deliver our customers the right product, at the right quality, at the right price, at the right time, in the right place.

DHL's partnership with Newleaf started from a very good footstep. We're looking forward a stronger partnership with Newleaf in the future."

Mr. Julian Neo
Managing Director, DHL Express Malaysia & Brunei

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As a premium agriculture product, there is a very high expectation when it comes to farm management and fruit quality requirements for durian in the international market. That’s why every day, we plant and nurture our durians to the highest standards, so we can meet yours.
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deliver fresh durians

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Malaysian Durian Exporter to Hong Kong & Singapore

Malaysian Durian Exporter to Hong Kong & Singapore Collaboration with DHL

Newleaf Plantation Berhad is a specialized Malaysian durian export company. The company is based in Pahang, Malaysia. This durian season is already coming to an end. Newleaf still delivers, but the supply volume is dwindling. The season will pick up again in June. As market demand grows every year, Newleaf has added an addition 100 acres to their durian plantation. They plan to expand their export volume.