– newleaf farmers initiative –

sharing our expertise and resources

We’re building stronger, closer connections to the smallholder farmers who are keen to grow with newleaf – providing them, and us, with the foundation for future growth.

A sustainable future for smallholders is one in which their incomes and living standards rise, so that current and future generations see smallholding as viable and attractive. That will be key to feeding the world’s growing demand of Malaysia durians.

Smallholder farmers often lack access to markets, financial support, and information and training. That can constrain them when it comes to investing in their farms, and in their choices of when, how and what to grow. The result is often missed opportunities for improved yields and quality.

newleaf Farmers Initiative is created with the following objectives

  1. Help family farmers’ access to local durian markets, fight discrimination. Raising public awareness of the challenges durian farmers face across the country.
  2. Sharing newleaf’s plantation knowledge, expertise and resources, provide farming mentoring and advise to smallholder farmers. Increase their successful rate in durian farming.
  3. Create a healthy environment of farmers-help-farmers network that mutually benefit smallholder farmers and corporations for mutual growth.
  4. To fight aging farmer population, to encourage young generation to get involved in agriculture.
  5. To increase competitive strengths of Malaysia durians in global arena by supplying sustainable durians.
creating the golden era of Malaysia durian, together.

join newleaf farmers initiative.

Join newleaf farmers initiative.