Introducing The Amazing Musang King


Musang King Durian The origin of the name “Musang King” dates back to the 80s, when a man named Tan Lai Fook from Raub, Pahang stumbled upon a durian tree in Gua Musang, Kelantan. He brought the tree branch back to Raub for grafting. The news spreaded like wildfire as this new breed attracted other cultivators. “Gua Musang” literally means “Civet Cave”, thus adopting the name “Musang King” breathes life into this very durian breed, making the fruit sound even more legendary.
Musang King Durian is the most sought after and expensive Durian variety due to its appealing texture and flavour. Its flesh has a thick and creamy texture combined with a sweet flavour with a hint of bitterness.

Musang KingThe King Of Fruits

  • Dubbed the Harmes of durians
  • Superior taste makes it the King of Durians
  • Widely considered as a delicacy, especially in China
  • A true Malaysia treasure
  • Value has grown exponentially in recent years
  • Trees have an average lifespan of over 100 years

Musang King(D197)

The ultimate Malaysian specialty — filled with buttery, thick flesh. This small-seeded breed is known for its robust flavour with a hint of refreshing bitterness.

D24 Durian Malaysia


Also known as the “Sultan Durian”, its popularity comes right after Musang King’s. D24 glows in golden yellow, not to mention its aroma and texture is amazingly rich!

Teka Durian Malaysia


One of the hottest breeds with a bittersweet profile and a mild aroma.

Types of Malaysia Durians Red Prawn

Red Prawn

This breed stands out with a sweet vermillion flesh, rich and pungent aroma, and a unique sticky texture.

XO Durian Malaysia


Extremely tender flesh with a bitter profile, the XO durian is special for its fermented taste.

Black Thorn(D200) Durian Malaysia

Black Thorn(D200)

A rare breed with dark yellow coloured flesh with a velvety texture.

Golden Phoenix(D198) Durian Malaysia

Golden Phoenix(D198)

One of the top picks by durian aficionados for its pale coloured flesh yet a robust aroma and taste.

lack Pearl Durian Malaysia

Black Pearl

Known for its pale flesh that resembles a pearl, Black Pearl is a small-seeded beauty with thinner flesh, yet it is extremely smooth and delicate.

Types of Malaysia Durians Green Bamboo Durian Malaysia

Green Bamboo

The greenish flesh that resembles the colour of bamboo, is sweet and fibrous, encased in an extraordinarily hard shell.

D24 Durian Malaysia


The perfect durian for first-timers as it tastes sweet and mild. Its flesh appears brown-yellowish, less fibrous, and it is also big-seeded.

D101 Durian Malaysia


On a diet? With D101, its mild yet amazingly sweet aroma does not take away your chance to indulge in durians.

D1 Durian Malaysia


The small-seeded breed with a unique creamy texture and thick flesh.

Types of Malaysia Durians Durian In Malaysia

Durian Types of Malaysia Musang King