As a trend setting durian trading company, Newleaf charts another new milestone with its brand marketing and promotional campaign through engagement with key opinion leaders or KOLs as brand ambassadors. Featuring local celebrities and influencers with huge fan base and followers will be given the opportunity to savour; comment and subsequently promote our direct from farm durians.

Jefferey Fang

“I treat durian like a wine because it is like a wine – it is a living organism that changes and ferments over its lifespan, so you can really do a lot with the flavour. I think that’s what makes people so obsessive over it.”

Xiao Wei Wei

Malaysian Celebrity Singer

When it comes to durian, it is always love it or hate it. I absolutely LOVE it!

Juliana Ramle

Celebrity TV Host

When I first encountered the fruit I really found the smell awful that I have to cover my nose while eating it, but eventually I was able to get over and realized that the fruit taste heaven.

Daniel Lee

Malaysian Idol 2005

Durians Smell Awful — But the Taste Is Heavenly.


Mister Celebrity Malaysia 2020

A gift from God (to mostly Asian people who appreciate it and denied to the rest of the world who do not know any better).

DJ Sonic

Malaysia Celebrity DJ

It is a fact to me that Malaysian durians are the best in the world. Not to say durians from elsewhere are not good but they dont have the same wow factor that Malaysian durians have.

Addy Lee

Newleaf's Head of Investor Relation

It'sweet and creamy with a hint of acidity towards the end depending on the variety you are eating. It gives altogether a unique taste depends on what durian breed you eat, which is why it's aptly called , “ King of fruits”.

Pei Shan


As far as just the sensation on your tongue goes, it's sweet and creamy. Imagine nougat that's soft and melts in your mouth slowly. Absolutely love it.

Julianne Tan

Professional Model

It matches perfectly with cheese or eat it in cold, so try the durian pizza and durian ice-creame!

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